Business Chat Solution ?
If you need comprehensive business chat solution. Please try Spika for Business.

Universal messenger module for iOS,Android and web.

Spika is complete set of source code, from UI to backend, that quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in every app and web.

It's opensource !


Spika Opensource became pure MIT license. Please use as you want !


  • Spika is not SDK.
    Spika is set of source code that you can easily include to your project and modify.
  • Spika is not cloud service.
    We provide source code for backend too. No need to pay monthly fee.
  • Spika is not messenger
    Spika is designed to embed to other app or web. It prividees only general chat feature, which you can include to your app easily.


Spika provides everything you need to make messenger feature.

Web iOS Android
WebSocket Integration Yes Yes Yes
Private Chat Yes Yes Yes
Group Chat Yes Yes Yes
Send Text Yes Yes Yes
Send Picture Yes Yes Yes
Share Location No Yes Yes
Share File Yes No Yes
Share Video Yes Yes Yes
Share Contacts No Yes Yes
Typing Indicator Yes Yes Yes
Show User's Online Status Yes Yes Yes
Show who read the message Yes Yes Yes
Delete Message Yes Yes Yes
User Join/Leave Alert Yes Yes Yes
Next Release ?
We are planning to build WebRTC base call feature to Spika.